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Welcome to the Legendary Love Academy

by Jessica Hartley

It's Time to Create the Deepest Love of Your Life.

The Legendary Love Program offers the most direct path to go from the gut wrenching pain of feeling broken down, disconected and 'trying to make it work' into a lasting, extraordinary Legendary Love!

You have likely reached your self help plateau, done all you can on your own, and now, with myself, the Hartley Team and the Legendary Love Program in your back pocket, you will use this relationship as a platform to re-awaken who you really are and powerfully morph your experience into the wholehearted relationship & vibrant life you are meant have. You will save time, energy and dramatically increase your confidence, health and vitality of life.

Enough is Enough!

Our society has conditioned a poor model of relationship that simply doesn’t work over time. 

This is evident in our 50% divorce rates today

People get divorced because they don’t know any better.
That is just it…

They don’t know what else to do or what to do instead.

You don’t have to break up your family. 

We already know you won’t settle for surviving in unhappiness, because you are stronger than the average person.  You don’t want to end up like your parents and your kids are watching your every move, they are learning what love looks like.  But you have invested your time and your heart into this relationship.  You spend hours of energy in heartbreak and fighting, that can be better spent being productive.   But if you leave this relationship without patching the holes, you are destined to repeat the pain of this relationship into the next one.  Giving up is not the way out of your pain. Research has proven that a quality relationship is the core constant to a healthy, vibrant life experience.  You may have already mastered ‘success’ in your business, but you know that that your time or money means nothing without having a deeply connected family to share it with. Relationship is at the core of a quality life experience.  At the end of the day, we are all desire a deeply fulfilling love relationship.  The truth is, to know how to maintain thriving connected love, is the real ‘success’ in life.  Everything else is just a bonus.  If you really expect to have a deep connection that lasts, you’ll have to rise up into your strength & overcome the destructive relationship model.  You need a new blueprint for real love that lasts.  So let’s face the facts and stop wasting any more time struggling with slow progress, another outdated approach or a temporary fix.

Traditional Therapy Doesn't Work.

 My clients do not need to drone on with more years of talk therapy that leaves them dwelling in the details of their feelings.  They don’t need another ‘communication tool’ or another temporary fix.  And they certainly don’t need more advice on how to manipulate others into loving them more.  Too many people continue repeating and passing forward the same co- dependent patterns and generational wounds because they have never really healed them.  My clients are high achievers, who need a bold coach with a solid path, guiding them step by step out of their roadblocks and into the life and relationship they desire.  They are competent individuals who need a strong and empathetic coach who understands them, can level with them and say what no one else dares to say.  They need an expert that can break down their walls to get to the root of their pain patterns, heal them and show them how to become a leader of Legendary Love.

Knowing what to do is Not Enough to Save the Relationship.

To get real results, you’ll have to do more than just know what to do, you have to have a process to integrate it.  I’ve seen enough failing relationships to know, unless you re-wire your conditioned automatic brain, you will forever stay victim to it, repeating and reacting with the same painful patterns, one relationship after the other in an endless rut of regret.  You don’t have to waste any more years making the same mistakes and ‘trying’!  We know your heart and you deserve an easy love life.  Many of the problems in relationship are the result of not having developed the mental ability to engage intuition, empathy, confidence and self reflection when you need it most.  Because you are an adult your brain has completed its growth process, what you need now is to re-wire your access to these abilities in your automatic brain where you need them.  You have to have a specific structure and process to do this.  It is no wonder that most other relationship programs or counseling services do not work.  The only way to up level your life experience is to use the relationship you are in now as a vessel of growth to rewire your brain for lasting love.

You Can Transform this Relationship With or Without your Partner's Direct Participation.

Real change only lasts when approached genuinely from the inside out.  It is the very patterns and ways of thinking that you picked up along the way because they served you at that time, that are now standing in your way and blocking you from a thriving relationship.  When you’re at a crossroads in life, the very best decision you can make is to stop manipulating your external environment and travel inward to dissolve all of the walls standing between you and your next level of genius.  The Legendary Love Program works through a cumulative process that starts with one willing and dedicated partner and gracefully shifts the dynamic of the relationship in 3 sequential steps, resulting in a natural genuine transition for the other partner.  First, it offers a way to get into absolute alignment with yourself, with your heart… you elevate yourself into a new way of being.  You gain clarity and intuition.  Second, you build on that foundation and step into a new model of Self Mastery & Whole Hearted Love.  You begin practicing this new way of being and loving, you stumble at times, but you are supported, so you dust yourself off and keep going.  Confidence will abound you and your world begins to reflect your heart’s greatest ambitions.  Third, you effectively and consistently model this level of love to your partner, they sense it deep within their own desire for growth and self honor… they can’t help but rise up to honor you and meet you there.  At some point within the 6 months, they transition and begin stepping into their own integrity.  The result?  Laughter, deep connection, thriving sex, and teamwork… Strong, Lasting Legendary Love. In fact, we have found that this is the most direct path to creating real lasting change in relationships.  It starts with you.

A Complicated Problem cannot be Solved with a Single Solution.

Like all things worth while, there isn’t 1 simple thing that will fix this… but rather a series of things, all working together seamlessly that will create the step by step, cumulative, long lasting changes in your life.

If you want to get dramatic results, you need a proven structure, powerful personal support, straightforward solutions, practical application & accountability, all working for you, cohesively at the same time.

 Our pathway to Legendary Love works to strengthen each vital area of your personal alignment, it shows you how to step into and begin operating from Whole Hearted Love and empowers you with the specific tools you need to master this new model of Love, consistently in your life.  At the end, you will find that you are not who you used to be because you have stepped up into your next level.  To miss any of these vital components won’t be able to get you there

You can expect 100% real, dramatic lasting results.

 You can expect to save your relationship this year, because this is the real deal.  By now you may have realized that this is not your average marriage counseling service.  The Legendary Love Program stands alone as the “most effective and comprehensive vessel of support for failing relationships.”  The Legendary Love Program pulls dedicated life learners out of the biggest struggle of their lives and into an easy thriving marriage.  We save them from another failed relationship, dysfunction, lack, continued heartbreak, negatively affecting their children, imminent divorce, and  years of defeat growing more numb as they try to get it right or repeating the very same patterns in the next relationship.  It’s comprehensive support structure and deep universal wisdom finally gets it right.  But you don’t have to take our word for it, our client’s Success Stories speak for themselves.

This program is exclusive to the top 10% of high achievers, dedicated to self mastery.

 Due to the amount of detail, personalized support and ‘done for you’ simplicity that this program offers, the program structure does not support the masses.  If you were recommended to this program, you are NOT most people.  We are dedicated to our clients results and we simply only wish to work with those who know the value that this program will bring to the success of their lives.  When the standard of society would rather discredit the existence of real love than put in the necessary internal work in order to achieve it, we appeal to those individuals who are ready to rise up and become the author of their own experience.  They know they are meant for big things.  Many of our clients, as a child, did not have the best model of love to follow, but that did not stop them from reaching for and eventually achieving a deeply fulfilling relationship.

Our clients are the rebels of social norms, they are high achievers who value personal growth and know that success in relationship will reap success in every other aspect of their life. 

They were absolutely ready for their next level and know that nothing could get them there like a Powerful Coach and a Proven Process. What takes others years of failed marriages or a lifetime to understand, is condensed for them, step by step into 6 months.  At times, it wont be easy, but it will be worth it!  In 6 months, you will be a completely different person, and your spouse will be too!

What We Guarantee.

We start our program by asking “what would make you feel AMAZING about your relationship?” and then we set out to get you there from the inside out.  As of Jan 2017, the Legendary Love Program has a 94% success rate in saving a relationship from divorce.  We will not guarantee that your relationship is salvageable, because sometimes people are simply mis-aligned.  We do have a 100% success rate at uplifting each of our clients to their next level of love & empowerment.  What we do guarantee is that in completing this program, you will walk away with deep healing, communication mastery, confidence, better sex, intuition and clarity moving forward.  You will be getting your needs met.  You will feel in charge of your life experience, knowing what to do and where to go next.  Your deep healing will release the major roadblocks that have been weighing you down for years.  You will have re-wired your brain and released the negative conditioned reactions that kept you from the reality of your heart and integrity.  You will have released the negative relationship patterns so that moving forward, you do not continue to repeat the same mistakes in this relationship OR the next one.  You will have the ability to communicate in a way that gets your point across, well received and respected.  You will know how to easily resolve conflict and communicate effectively and will use these tools to save you time, money and energy in any future disagreement, confrontation or negotiation.  You will have confidence and self honor in your worth, your aptitude and what you have to offer the relationship.  You will have learned how to maintain a thriving sex life.  You will either be thriving in love with your partner or you will have clarity knowing that you did your part, you did all that you could do and you can walk away with a clear conscience moving forward.  In short, we help our clients access their greatness. We begin our work creating a new standard in an ideal relationship and then use it as a platform for accelerated personal growth and life fulfillment.  What do you deeply desire, that would make you feel AMAZING about your relationship? Change does not have to be slow or hard, because what you want is much closer than you think.

You just have to be willing to do things differently.

Right now you are at a choice point.

You have 4 choices; you can give up on yourself and settle for surviving the unhappiness, you could numb yourself with drugs or alcohol, you could give up on the relationship with a divorce, being likely to repeat the same patterns down the road OR you could reach into the depth of your heart and put it all on the table to turn this into the most worth while success of your life.  If you don’t have the guts to move through the discomfort of the unknown and would rather look for ‘logical’ reasons to stay exactly where you are, this program is not for you.  We don’t coach people who are more comfortable in their pain, who fool themselves in to thinking “everyone has relationship problems, and I am no different.”   We are not interested in sales gimmicks and we won’t try to convince you that you need this Program because that approach is out of our integrity.  What you choose to spend your time and money on, directly represents where your values are.  If you value your relationship, you will value this program.  We designed every detail of this program to produce great outcomes.  This program is not just about your relationship, it is about your quality of life.  We deeply care about our clients.  Most of our clients knew this program was meant for them because by this point, they could already sense it’s value and huge impact in their life.  When they were in your shoes, some described having some hesitations about the cost and the effectiveness, and offer these words of encouragement and advice to you…

“This program has proven to be invaluable to my life, and my relationship that it is inconsequential.  My husband and I have so much history and love between us that to have saved our marriage, is absolutely priceless.  I encourage you to take a leap of faith.”  – Carrie Shepherd

“You’re not immune to principles that work.  Your not unique enough that once applied, they would not work.  This program will teach you the way relationships are intended to work.”  – Arron Andrew

“Being able to give our kids a different example than what they are seeing around them, is the the biggest blessing that money can’t buy.  Being able to offer a good model of love for our kids to lean on and learn from is invaluable, I am without words to express what this means to me.” – Halya Martin

“You can’t talk about the ocean to a frog that lives in a well.  You can trust Jessica.  Know that this is an investment that will change the experience of your entire life!” – Sara Barrette

If this program is meant for you, you will feel it in your heart, because the heart is never wrong. If right now, you want to save this relationship and are willing to put your self first for the next 6 months, we are confident that this program will exceed your expectations.

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