Our Team

Meet the team behind the Legendary Love Academy

Our Mission

We are the soul-centered romantics that will not accept the status quo, we aim to change the tide on love and be the stewards of great change starting first with ourselves!

Jessica Hartley

Founder and Creator

Jessica Hartley is a Spiritual Teacher, founder & CEO of Legendary Love Academy. She’s helped individuals all over the world create & master deeply connected life-long love, serving the world with integrative development & total authenticity.



Intuitive Development Coach

As our resident Intuitive Development Coach, Anthea helps clients develop their intuition and move forward in absolute TRUST of that intuition. Anthea works with our clients in making decisions using the wisdom of the heart versus the head.  Making decisions from love versus fear, and working with the flow of life, rather than against it. All while supporting them as they take major leaps of faith into the unknown, until they are able to do this on their own.


Mindset & Confidence Coach

Our Mindset and Confidence coach, Maria, loves to hold a safe space for people who are interested in discovering their true and authentic selves. She feels that it is one of her missions in this life to show people the power we all possess when we merge our mind, body, and soul. Maria is committed to supporting people in developing fierce ownership of their deepest truths and desires, giving them permission to live their best life, a life they love.



Sex Coach

Marianne is our highly trained and certified Sex Coach. She is one of the top 1% of holistic and Integrated Sexuality Coaches in the world. Marianne is dedicated to women’s empowerment and  focuses on sensual confidence and awakening desire from within. She is committed to transform client’s intimate lives and relationships.