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Working with Jessica over the last six months has transformed my life, and my marriage, in ways I did not think possible. I am extremely grateful for Jessica, for the tools she provided, for her incredible insight and her ability to dig deep and get to the heart of the matter, every single time. As a result of making a commitment to myself and my marriage, doing the work consistently and being held accountable, I literally have more confidence, have improved communication skills, have mastered the art of not taking things personally and have learned to keep my heart open so that I can show up in my marriage in a different way. And for me that means I show up all in, as my husband’s biggest ally, willing to be vulnerable, and always believing the best in him. Early on in our work together, Jessica documented what deep connection would look like from my perspective, in addition to what would make me feel amazing about my relationship. During our last session she reflected these all back to me, and tears of joy streamed down my cheeks. Honestly, and sincerely, they have all come to pass. The last one was simply…to enjoy life with him. We are having so much fun together after 26 years of marriage... we have become two peas in a pod! I highly recommend this program to anyone who is struggling in their relationship. You will be amazed.
Carrie Shepherd
Jessica's wisdom is so much more progressive than the other advice out there. She helped me feel a connection with my husband that I had not felt in a long time. The hardest step for me was in being willing to face and take responsibility for my own upsets, even though I could justify being upset with my husband, Jessica was able to pin point the specific place inside of me where I was holding myself back from my own happiness. She empowered me to be the best of who I am!
Samantha Davis
My relationship was on the rocks. I thought we were past the point of no return and then Jessica Hartley happened. Her program broke through our walls and returned us back to our hearts and that warm chest melting feeling. All of our drama fell away and what was left was a boy and a girl, hand in hand, traveling the road of life and holding each other up to the best that we can be. Jessica saved my relationship and showed me what true intimacy really is.
Tasha Hernandez
I can’t believe the difference that this Program has made in me and in my relationship! We were unhappy and almost gave up on each other, and now we are so connected, even better than when we started! The old feelings of rejection and being taken for granted are totally gone. I did this work without my husband being aware of it, from the inside out and watched as my husband transformed and grew with me. It is nothing short of magical!
Dr. Miranda Petersen
Jessica is a gem of person. She has incredible perception into what's going on beneath the surface and a gentle and powerful way to help you unearth your own wisdom. I highly recommend working with this intelligent and gifted woman.
Shannon Hall
Jessica Hartley is highly regarded as a powerful Marriage and Relationship Coach within the professional community.  Her program has set a new standard in the field of Marriage Transformation. Her structure, tools and personal coaching have proven to provide all of the necessary components that can keep families together and cultivate deeply fulfilling relationships for her clients.
Balbir Brar
My wife had an affair, and when it came to my own marriage, I felt stuck.  I was applying all that I knew to do, but could not get past the pain I was facing.  I almost gave up on my marriage, myself and all that I believed in.  It took courage to try again, but I could see that Jessica Hartley's approach was solid, and offered something beyond what I was doing on my own.  This program is powerful and efficient. The consistency, feedback and the deeper perspective this program offers is absolutely unparalleled.  It taught me how to go right to the source, work from the root of our issues and make real changes. The step by step structure carried us through this process in a way that felt natural and effortless, no more blame or needing.  It was freeing. The one on one coaching blew past my expectations every time; healing and shifting things inside of me and our relationship with an incredibly easy and short process.  Now, when I look at our past, I no longer feel pain. Our arguments are no longer aggressive and hurtful, they've turned into respectful, loving conversations.  The trust and connection I feel between us, is stronger than anything we have ever had before and continues to deliver so much more.  If you are struggling in your relationship right now, trust yourself, don't give up and don't hesitate because this approach works on so many levels for so many reasons.  It will take you where you need to go, and there is so much good waiting for you on the other side.
Aaron Andrews, LMFT
Jessica's Program is worth its weight in Gold! Jessica and I worked one on one over the course of 6 months. I am so grateful to her for the powerful work that she has done in my life. She made me feel so safe and accepted so I could have the courage to face my truths and become a better person for my partner and my family. She really knows how to connect the human psyche to the human heart. She is the very best at what she does! If you need a miracle, she is your gal!
Sarah Barette
Jessica creates lasting change.. Thanks to Jessica, I am the person that I have always wanted to be. She offers guidance without judgment, and without making you feel like what you were doing before was wrong. She is an amazing individual to bring into your life. Her warmth, her heart and her words always stick with me. Jessica has uplifted my relationship and my life!
Nicole Handley
I had hesitations About going to someone else for help in my own relationship. I don't know how she did it, but Jessica quickly gained my trust and respect. She was able to meet me right where I was at, and give me useful tools to do my part in making my relationship better. What I have learned through her has been invaluable.
David Barkow
I was immediately drawn in to her warm loving presence and I felt connected to her. She is a natural born leader, a talented teacher and an inspiration. She has touched my heart and it is clear that she is meant to touch many lives.
Oren Harris
Jessica's guidance is so different from what I was taught. I no longer hear my mother's voice coming out from me. Jessica's course also helped me release the emotional pain I felt about my mother.. I am a better person for it and all of my relationships have greatly improved! Working with Jessica Hartley has been one of my best decisions. I have received so much more than I ever expected! Thank you Jessica!
Ericka Dockray
We both knew what we didn't want to do... But did not have any examples of what to do instead... Jessica's Program was exactly what we were looking for! She has taught us how to do things in a way that cultivated understanding and deep connection.
Jeremiah Dockray

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