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One of my GREATEST joys is watching my clients achieve the relationship of thier dreams! Here’s what they’re saying about my program...

These are all real clients. Some of their names have been hidden to protect their privacy. Results shared were achieved by dedication to personal growth. They pushed through huge challenges to achieve these results in their relationship. This is not easy.

Aaron Andrew

I was finally able to forgive and move past the pain I had been carrying for years. The consistency, feedback and deeper perspective this program offers is absolutely unparalleled. It taught me how to work from the root of our issues and make real changes. The step by step structure carried us through this process in a way that felt natural and effortless… this approach works on so many levels for so many reasons.


Carrie Shepherd

My husband began to grow after I did, I never had to ask him to change! This program has transformed my life in ways I never thought possible. The tools and deep healing sessions are invaluable! All that I have ever hoped for in my marriage has come to pass. Now we are having so much fun together, we have become two peas in a pod!

Dr. Miranda Petersen

I can’t believe the difference that this Program has made in me and in my relationship! We were unhappy and almost gave up on each other, and now we are so connected, even better than when we started! The old feelings of rejection and being taken for granted are totally gone. I did this work without my husband being aware of it, from the inside out and watched as my husband transformed and grew with me. It is nothing short of magical!

Elizabeth Andrews

Our arguments slowly became less aggressive and hurtful and turned into constructive, intelligent and respectful conversations. We have rebuilt the trust between us and I feel confident that we won’t ever get that bad again because now we have all the tools and wisdom to keep our relationship strong!

Tasha Hernandez

Her program broke through our walls and returned us back to our hearts. All of our drama fell away and what was left was a boy and a girl, hand in hand, traveling the road of life and holding each other up to the best that we can be.

Sarah Barette

She made me feel so safe and accepted so I could have the courage to face my truths and become a better person for my partner and my family. She really knows how to connect the human psyche to the human heart.

Nicole Handley

Thanks to Jessica, I am the person that I have always wanted to be! She offers guidance without judgment, and without making you feel like what you were doing before was wrong.

Jeremiah Dockray

Jessica's Program was exactly what we were looking for! She has taught us how to do things in a way that cultivated understanding and deep connection.

Oren Harris

She is a natural born leader, a talented teacher and an inspiration. She has touched my heart and it is clear that she is meant to touch many lives.

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*Names are hidden to protect our clients privacy*